Safety Gone Wrong

The Safety Gone Wrong selection of videos on Safety Product Search takes a lighter look at health and workplace safety industry.

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10 Extreme Safety Fails

From smoking right next to a gas tank to having a fire extinguisher out of reach, we take a look at 10 extreme safety fails.

Worker risks his life to demolish part of a building

Demolition crew in Beijing improvise to get their job done. This demolition project is 200m away from the tallest building in Beijing in the heart of the CBD. As you will see the developer who has bought the land, is knocking down the existing building while trying to save as much money as possible and with little regard to the safety of the workers.

20 Safety Fails


Stupidity At The Workplace

Workplace and worker stupidity, dangerous scenes, activities and chances for injury and death.

Funny Accidents

Safety Product Search are serious about Health & Safety & do not advise you follow any of the actions of these silly workers!

Public Safety Official surprised by accident

Watch as this safety official is talking about accidents when one happens before his own eyes.