General Workwear

Workwear is clothing worn for work within various trade industries. Generally these types of clothing are worn by workers that operate within factories or do manual labour as it is built to provide greater durability and safety. There are many different functions for workwear including making for disposable use in dirty/hazardous jobs and providing high visibility in areas of poor lighting. Other functions include for smart dress, usually in more formal situations or corporate meetings.

Corporate Workwear also called Corporate Clothing is worn by business people and professionals to present themselves smartly in their day-to-day job or for meetings and events. A company's image is heavily reflected in the clothes worn by employees and where a certain level professionalism is required to be displayed, there are various types of corporate clothing that can be worn.

Clothing which is designed to be thrown away after limited use is especially useful for when personal protection is needed from harmful substances. It may be safer, less costly or more convenient to replace the clothing rather than wash or repair for later use. Disposable Clothing is made of materials that offer the same protection as non-replaceable protective clothing but without the problem of wear and tear from regular use. Examples of workers who may require disposable protective workwear include paint sprayers and vehicle maintenance workers, where liquids are difficult to remove. For those who work with asbestos, disposing of clothing that comes into contact with fibres can be safer than washing since it makes sure none are left behind.

For many specialist jobs, workwear clothing designed with function as the primary design factor works well and ensures efficiency whilst maintaining the necessary protection and comfort. Applications for functional workwear include boiler suits and mechanic overalls where the clothing can get stained and dirty easily. Style is less of a consideration although more effort is gone into ensuring they are protective, tough and durable.

High Visability Jackets are worn generally by people who need to be seen during poor lighting or weather conditions, or when working in environments where there is a lot of moving machinery. The standard colours are usually flourescent yellow or orange and reflective silver stripes as required by law. They range from light vests to full fleece-jackets which offer extra warmth on the job.