Safety Lighting

Portable Safety Lighting is very important to provide good visability, as working in poor light can be a serious health and safety risk. It is vital that proper precautions are taken to ensure good visibility as and when required. 

Portable Lighting is excellent for companies who work in a large variety of locations for short amounts of time.


The Defender uplight V2

ProBuilt Professional Lighting LLC

The Defender uplight V2The ultimate in durability, portability and versatility. The 2-foot and 4-foot Defender® Uplight v2′s have extremely tough h...

Hang A Light

The Hang-A-Light®

ProBuilt Professional Lighting LLC

The Hang-A-Light® 105 watt spiral flourescent is a high-output temporary lighting fixture that gives 360° of light with low-cost operation. The inte...

Modular flooflighting

Modular Floodlighting

Hadar Lighting

Key FeaturesBattery backup power provides 3 hours at 50% illumination, 90 minutes at full illumination.Modular construction allows the modules to be s...

Probuilt LED Work Light image

Probuilt LED Work Light

ProBuilt Professional Lighting LLC

The ProBuilt LED Work Light series brings the convenience of a traditional work light that can be used on the floor or with a tripod but with the ener...

Defender Floor Light image

Defender Floor Light

ProBuilt Professional Lighting LLC

Portable, lightweight and durable, the Defender® Floor Lights deliver big brightness from a small package. Heavy-duty impact resistant housing keeps ...

SmithLight image


ProBuilt Professional Lighting LLC

The SmithLight battery operated LED work light is a rugged, bright and versatile lighting solution. The rechargeable battery makes this light portable...

Defender Eco Uplight image

Defender Eco Uplight

ProBuilt Professional Lighting LLC

The Defender® Eco Uplight is the ultimate tripod task light for durability, portability and versatility. Available in a 2 foot or 4 foot version, the...

Mini Mobi image

Mini Mobi

ProBuilt Professional Lighting LLC

All the durability and features of Defender® products in our rechargeable hand lamp. Tough housing and high-output LED’s make our light perfect for...