Height Safety Equipment

High Safety Equipment & Fall Protection

Good safety practices and careful use of fall prevention, and fall arrest devices when working at height, might just save your life.

Fall prevention measures are in place for the safety of employees when operating in high risk areas such as roofs, or during construction activities, and also during rescue operations.

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Turner Access

The Alphastep Podium Step, is the mobile one-man low level access platform from Turner Access. Comprising of only 5 components and with a choice of 4 ...

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Turner Access

The Omegadeck Low Level Work Platform is the innovative mobile aluminium bridging system from Turner Access, providing you with effortless up-and-over...

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HighStep Easy

HighStep Systems AG

The mechanical model consists of two pedals, also called "steppers”, for the left and right foot. Climbing is conducted in a similar way as climbi...



Turner Access

The Sigmadeck 250 folding access platform assembles and dismantles in seconds to provide a safe working platform up to a height of 1.6m (maximum worki...



Turner Access

The Deltadeck 250 low level access unit is one complete unit which assembles and dismantles in less than a minute, allowing easy transportation and st...

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Turner Access

BetaGuard® simplifies tower erection by eliminating the need for both horizontal and diagonal braces, reducing the main components to a total of thre...