Height Guards

Height Guards

Working at height is associated with hazards that are hard to address through personal protection alone, and fitting height guards is an important part of keeping the surroundings secure against accidental falls. These systems are tough and must weather resistant to suit the less favourable conditions at large heights. Rails undoubtably improve worker safety at even small heights on buildings.

HighStep Rail image

HighStep Rail

HighStep Systems AG

The aluminium rail is the basis of the system. It is firmly mounted to the building over the whole length of climbing height. It is made from aluminiu...

Safety Gates image

Safety Gates


Triax develops a large range of safety gates which fully conform with safety standards and the ergonomics of different workstations. The use of safety...

T Two 8 step Narrow Walkways with 2 handrails image

T Two 8 step Narrow Walkways with 2 handrails

Tuff Built Products Inc.

Tuff Step Aluminum Stairs provides temporary safe working access to most sloped surfaces where anchoring is possible. May be used as individual stairs...