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Fall prevention measures are in place for the safety of employees when operating in high risk areas such as roofs, or during construction activities, and also during rescue operations.

When work is performed on elevated surfaces, protection against falls frequently must be considered. Fall protection equipment is often used when fall hazards cannot be controlled by railings, floors, nets, and other means. These systems are designed to stop a free fall of up to six feet while limiting the forces imposed on the wearer.

MI70 MightyLite

MI70 MightyLite

Honeywell Safety

6.2m, polyester webbing 25mm, fall indicator, swivel snap hook. Heavy-duty performance from a compact and easy-to-use block that features pressed stee...

Scorpion Personal Fall Limiter image

Scorpion Personal Fall Limiter

Honeywell Safety

2.8m with 1 swivel karabiner and 1 alloy snap hook. Light and compact, the self retracting personal fall limiter block SCORPION offers greater safety ...


Anchor Line 1223

Cresto Fall Protection Solutions

Anchor line Cresto 1223     Versatile, lightweight anchor line, easily adjustable for the right length. Practical for example when working on roofi...

Cresto AC 3 Image

Cresto AC 3

Cresto Fall Protection Solutions

A complete fall protection package for working in, for example, lift shafts, window cleaning or other short-radius activities. A complete package cons...

Anchor Line 1222 Image

Anchor Line 1222

Cresto Fall Protection Solutions

Extremely versatile, lightweight anchor line, easily adjustable for the right length. The line can be extended at the push of a button, and it is shor...


Cresto AC 2

Cresto Fall Protection Solutions

Fall protection package Cresto AC 2      Fall protection package for working on sloping roofs or platforms. Excellent for snow clearance work. A co...



Tractel Group

The Blocfor™ range ensures an automatic braking function in the event of a fall; the fall height is restricted by the immediate brake reaction.The c...


LSAD 10 53-53

Tractel Group

- 1 M10 + 2 M53 steel with absorber- 1 M10 + 2 M51 aluminium with absorberTechnical data | User instructions | CE CertificateDescription    Code1 M...

Anchor Line 1211 Image

Anchor Line 1211

Cresto Fall Protection Solutions

Versatile, lightweight anchor line with sliding lock, that slides easily along the line and immediately locks in the event of a fall. Supplied with tw...