Safety Knives

Blades that are enclosed or retractable protect against the risk of injury whilst cutting and during strorage. Safety knives are ideal for use with package opening or other tasks requiring a small blade where it is important to minimise damage to goods.

GR8 Primo Safety Knife image

GR8 Primo Safety Knife


Versatile safety knife with the option of blade replacement. Ideal for cutting cardboard, shrink-wrapping and strapping Features built-in tape cutter ...

Autosafe Safety Knife image

Autosafe Safety Knife


Innovative pressure sensitive auto retracting blade. Ultra lightweight with simple blade change system Easily cuts through boxes, shrink-wrap and tape...

Chartron image


Mure et Peyrot S.A.R.L.

Safety knife with semi-automatic retraction system. Possibility to lock the blade into the safe position at rest. Efficient, Ergonomic, Light.

Medocain image


Mure et Peyrot S.A.R.L.

Safety knife in composite material and metal with trigger and an automatic retractable blade to open packages.

Paulin image


Mure et Peyrot S.A.R.L.

First safety knive in magnesium. Light and resistant, it is fitted with a blade 789.3T and a plastic handle.