Safety Torches & Tools

Safety Torches & Tools

Safety torches provide favourable lighting to carry out work and exploration in areas of poor or non existent lighting. They assist with day-to-day jobs and therefore require partciularly high durability and battery life. Tools include safety knives, which are designed to prevent cuts or damage to goods when unpacking.

The need for constant lighting whilst keeping both hands free to do work is met with a head torch. Some of the most common jobs that use of head torches include mining, although they are practical in any job where there is little or no fixed ighting. Head torches can either be worn with a headband or mounted on a helmet. On many models the light intensity can be adjusted to suit the task at hand, and the torch position adjusted to light up different areas in view.

Blades that are enclosed or retractable protect against the risk of injury whilst cutting and during strorage. Safety knives are ideal for use with package opening or other tasks requiring a small blade where it is important to minimise damage to goods.

Safety torches and hand lamps are robust and multi-purpose with safety features enabling safe use in hazardous areas. Key features of safety torches include explosion resistance and long life span. any also have features to alert the user in plenty of time when the battery low.