Scratch Resistant Gloves

Scratch & Abrasion Resistant Gloves

Scratch proofing protects the hands from many abrasive objects during manual labour and scratch resistant gloves are very tough with coatings and layers such as nitrile or made of high quality leather. They are useful for such jobs as timer and wood working brick-laying, working with concrete, and the most protective gloves are suitable for handling barbed wire among other uses.

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Sekur 58

D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

Industrial gloves made of natural rubber, with a big thickness to increase resistance.Comply with EN 388 and EN 374.Colour: orangePacking: cartons of ...

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ATG Lanka Private Ltd

Nitrile on a Jersey Cotton Liner.Nitrile on a Terry Cotton Liner.Designed for wet or dry in abrasive and rough conditions. Key features -Tough and lon...

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ATG Lanka Private Ltd

MaxiDex® has been designed and developed to be an entry glove in our ergonomic range for those doing dry and/or oily work in abrasive and tough condi...

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Hand protection against mechanical and scuff impact during the work with rough surfaces Thick 100% cotton Split pads provides safety, handy grip and h...

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Combined Leather Gloves


Combined gloves from furniture leather The front is made from strong cotton fabric Scuff retardant Hand protection during work with crude surfaces