Non Slip Tape

Non Slip Tape

Non Slip flooring materials are designed to improve the safety of a working area when hazards such as oil, grease, and water are present, either working indoors and outdoors.


General Non Slip tape


Abrasive particles bonded by a tough, durable polymer to a dimensionally stable plastic film to provide an effective anti-slip surface in most shoe tr...

Hazard Striped Floor Tape

ESD Hazard Striped Floor Tape


ESD Hazard Striped Floor TapePlace prominently to reduce injuries3 styles available, highly-visible striped hazard or heavy-duty,Description: Striped ...

Cable Protector

Floor Cable Protector


Snap Fit Cable Protector 1.5m KitAvoid dangerous tripping hazardsPrevent accidents caused by loose leads and cables with our comprehensive and cost ef...

Anti slip floor coating

Anti Slip Floor Coating


Anti-Slip 100 Floor CoatingIdeal for preventing slips on ramps, steps and work platformsHigh performance – suitable for heavy pedestrian trafficResi...