Breathing Protection

Filter Breathing Protection

Filters, and other forms of breathing protection, make safe breathing possible in a toxic atmosphere. They can prevent pollutants, hazardous particles, carbon monoxide and other chemicals from entering the respiratory system. Wearers can instead safely breath in oxygen from their cannister. Filter devices can also prevent the growth of fungi and other biological substances which could be a danger to breathing.


Pro2000 Combination Filters

Scott Safety

Scott Safety's PRO200 - CF22 and CF32 Combination Filters have exceptionally low breathing resistance to provide comfortable and long duration use. T...

asbestos pro

RAS Asbestos

Scott Safety

The RAS Asbestos airline breathing apparatus set is a positive pressure set that provides the highest levels of breathing protection. The tempest dema...



D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

Powered Filtering Device BLIZZARDHighest protection category of all filter respiratory protection devicesDurable, long-live and highly resistant power...

Filters Series 200 image

Filters Series 200

D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

The series 200 include particulate, gas and combinated filters in a synthetic resin containers built with special screw in connector for use with half...

Filters Series 230 image

Filters Series 230

D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

The series 230 includes particulate, gas, vapour and combined filters. The filter case is made of light, impact resistant, synthetic resin. Directly c...

Filter Dirin 530 image

Filter Dirin 530

D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

Dirin 530 is a combined multipurpose filter with thread according to EN 148-1. ITEM NO. 4341.1885 - Class 2 protection against all generics pollutants...

Dirin Series image

Dirin Series

D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

The Dirin series includes antigas class 2 filters, combined class 2-P2 and 2-P3 Biostop filters built with screw-in connector EN 148/1. The container ...