Breathing Apparatus

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

A Breathing Apparatus (BA) is protective safety equipment allowing the wearer to work safely in an IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health) environment. It does this by providing air to a sealed mask from a stored container or cylinder. The cylinder can either be carried by the user or stored at a remote location with the air being supplied via an airline.

Typically, a Breathing Apparatus has three main components: a high-pressure tank (e.g. 200bar to 300bar), a pressure regulator, and an inhalation connection (mouthpiece, mouth mask or face mask), connected together and mounted to a carrying frame.


3M Adflo


3M Adflo Powered Air Respirator With its smart, compact design, the 3M™ Adflo™ Powered Air Respirator is specially designed to meet your welding ...

Diablo Advanced image

Diablo Advanced

D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

Diablo range is enriched by the new Advanced apparatus which, besides introducing highly innovative elements, resumes in one single model all the best...

Diablo Professional image

Diablo Professional

D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

Diablo Professional is a compressed air self- contained breathing apparatus, complying with EN 137 Norm. It is certified and available in Type 1 versi...

Diablo Industrial MM image

Diablo Industrial MM

D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

Diablo compressed air self-contained breathing apparatus is available in MM version for industrial applications, complying with EN 137 Norm; some mode...

Diablo PI image

Diablo PI

D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

Diablo PI is a compressed air self-contained breathing apparatus, with carrying bag, especially designed for emergency situations when fast evacuation...

Diablo PIZ image

Diablo PIZ

D.P.I Dispostivi Protezione Individuales srI

Diablo PIZ is a new model designed for emergency situations, with back pack and frame made of synthetic resin, light-weight and resistant. Main Compon...

Sigma2Type2productpage shot

Sigma 2 Type 2

Scott Safety

Approved to EN137:2006 Type 2, the Scott Sigma 2 Type 2 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus combines the highest level of respiratory protection in a s...