Heat Resistant Clothing

Heat Resistant Clothing

In very high temperature areas, heat resistant clothing offers thermal protection for workers. Reflective suits with hood and helmet offer maximum insulation against heat, where as in moderately high-heat environments hoods and jackets with durable, heat resistant materials may be suitable for flexibility and comfort.

ISOTEMP Heat Protection Equipment 5500

ISOTEMP® Heat Protection Equipment 5500

Heinrich Vorndamme oHG

The ISOTEMP® Heat Protection Equipment 5500 consists of one-piece coverall with firmly attached hood, detachable helmet, firmly attached overboots wi...

ISOTEMP Glass coated Heat Protection Equipment 2000 pic

ISOTEMP® Glass-Coated 2000

Heinrich Vorndamme oHG

The ISOTEMP® Glass-coated Heat Protection Equipment 2000 consists of a jacket with hood, one-piece bended gold-vapourized window, detachable helmet a...



Heinrich Vorndamme oHG

For works under conditions of high temperature load and high relative humidity, where the use of air-cooled suits is not possible, the wearing of so-c...

Kevlar Knitted Hood image

Kevlar Knitted Hood

Safetyware Industries

Safetyware Kevlar Knitted Hood is ideal or use in moderately high-heat environments. It provides more flexibility and visibility than alumanised hoods...

Product Description

Alfab® Bolero Apron

A.J. Charnaud & Co. (Pty) Ltd.

Personal protective clothing for furnaces, cast houses and hot metal works where molten metal splash, radiant heat and fire are hazards. Product can a...