Chemical Suits

Chemical Suits and Protective Chemical Garments

Chemical suits are designed to provide protection against direct contact with chemicals, and contamination by radioactive, biological or chemical substances. Worn for protection in situations where emergency personnel are responding to toxic spills, the cleaning up of contaminated facilities or working in toxic environments.


Chempion Elite ET Chemical Suit photo 1

Chempion Elite ET Chemical Suit


A gas-tight suit is essential for protection against solid, liquid and gaseous or vaporous hazards (Type 1a). It should be lightweight and comfortable...

MicroMAX TS Image


Lakeland Industries

MicroMAX TS is a MicroMAX NS coverall with stitched and taped seams for fully sealed protection to Type 4. Unlike many competitive garments which use ...

MicroMAX NS Image


Lakeland Industries

When economic factors are more critical, MicroMAX NS is the same high quality Microporous film but without the nylon strengthening scrim (NS = No Scri...

Coolsuit Advance Plus Image

Coolsuit Advance Plus

Lakeland Industries

Coolsuit Advance Plus is constructed using our ChemMAX 1 fabric and sealed seams. The Coolsuit Advance Plus offers type 4 chemical protection - ChemMA...

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Lakeland Industries

Tomtex is produced using an extremely lightweight polyethylene film laminate material for an effective barrier against a broad range of chemicals in T...

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Pyrolon CRFR

Lakeland Industries

Pyrolon CRFR is a Type 3 & 4 chemical splash suit featuring sealed seams, a double zip and storm flap front fastening and protection against a bro...

Chem Max 4

Chem Max 4

Lakeland Industries

Heavy duty splash protection that is high in performance and comfort!This line of high performance chemical protection can be used in work environment...



Lakeland Industries

Interceptor® is your first line of defense against extreme chemical hazards.Interceptor® is the apex of Lakeland Industries' chemical protective clo...



Global Safety Solutions and Management Plc

AirTec™ breathable chemical splash fabric has been tested to ISO-11092 for water vapour resistance. This test is a way of measuring the ability of t...



Global Safety Solutions and Management Plc

Presenting CovTech™ A superior and premium, innovatively-designed, disposable protective garment. Lightweight, breathable, durable and able to provi...

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Tychem® QC coveralls


DuPont provides a wide range of chemical protective clothing and biohazard suits — along with their specifications — to meet a broad spectrum of n...


Tychem® TK


Tychem® TK — For Extensive Protection Against HazardsA leading garment for HAZMAT responders worldwide, Tychem® TK offers a high level of protecti...