Dust Extraction

Dust Extraction Systems

Dust Extraction systems and dust extraction equipment is used in industrial and commercial industries. Their function is to improve breathable air quality and safety by removing particals in the air and environment.

Static Neutralisation Image

Static Neutralisation

Air Control Industries

ACI static neutralisation systems produce a curtain of ionised air which can be utilised for the removal of dust and static charge for cleaning of pla...

Air Knives Image

Air Knives

Air Control Industries

An Air knife is a precision engineered plenum chamber, designed to produce an efficient, effective, clean, high-velocity air curtain. They have the ab...

PMA8 Aerofoil Axial Bladed Fan Image

PMA8 Aerofoil Axial Bladed Fan

Air Control Industries

ACI's aerofoil axial bladed fan is a unit offering high volume air delivery at low pressure. It is suitable for both delivery and extraction duties. F...

Centrifugal Fans Image2

Centrifugal Fans

Air Control Industries

ACI’s fan and blower units are available in a variety of designs including 1 and 3Ph; 400Hz; and ATEX rated versions. All units are engineered for t...

Cleaning Booth Image

Cleaning Booth

Air Control Industries

ACI's Personnel Cleaning Booth is an effective solution to clean worker's dirty work clothes without exposing thPersonnel cleaning boothem, their co-w...



Air Control Industries

Wall Mounted JetBlackIdeal for placing in exit/entry points any manufacturing or production facility, outside canteens and wash/changing room faciliti...



Air Control Industries

ACI's JetFan is an energy efficient and versatile solution that is ideal for factory ventilation and 'destratification' of hot air in a roof space. It...