Personal Security at Work

Personal Security and Protection at Work

In hazardous jobs, workers require an extra degree of protection to mitigate the inherent risk of injury. Examples include welding which requires special welding helmets, and electricians who need electrical safety equipment to safely carry out their work. They are a personal line of defence against the products and work equipment that either are an imminent threat or a longer term health hazard to workers.

Dust Extraction systems and dust extraction equipment is used in industrial and commercial industries. Their function is to improve breathable air quality and safety by removing particals in the air and environment

Electrical equipment and wires are a hazard to work with. Electrical safety awareness in the workplace is extremely important in order to avoid electric shock and serious injury. Insulated tools are available to help protect employees working with live wires and other electrics and this includes saws, wrenches and pliers. The handles are covered with materials such as polyamide, and may have anti-slip features which prevent hands from touching the uninsulated part of the tool.

For the safety and security of employees in the workplace, special  measuring devices are used which detect substances so that their presence can be controlled. Measurement & control instrumentation can refer to handheld devices that measure some desired variable. Instruments attached to a control system may provide signals used to operate solenoids, valves, regulators, circuit breakers, or relays. These devices control a desired output variable, and provide either remote or automated control capabilities. These are often referred to as final control elements when controlled remotely or by a control system.

In many industrial environments noise levels can be extreme and endanger the health of unprotected workers. Noise reduction protection measures and controls the noise levels to avoid going over the limit or indicating when workers have had their recommended exposure to the noise. Products may monitor a worker's personal exposure to noise whilst others monitor the noise hazard over a whole team or area.

Bright illumination Safety Lighting is used for a variety of work applications. Designed and manufactured for use in hazardous atmospheres, you can ensure a safe and efficient enviornment for your employees. Safety Lighting is very important for the provision of good visability, as working in poor light can be a serious health and safety risk. Fixed Safety Lighting can also be used as a preventative measure against intrusions or other criminal activity on a physical piece of property.

Transport safety is all about protecting the driver and crew, as well as other vehicles, ground staff and pedestrians close by. As an example, the delivery of goods is a potential hazard if not properly secured, and large, bulky cargo moving around in the vehicle or falling out could cause considerable damage. Therefore, many safety products focus on holding items in place.

Welding is a job in which maximum face protection is necessary. A shield with a heat resistant visor defends against the sparks which fly up during welding processes. Welders often can't choose where they work, and in industrial enxironments where various hazards may exist at once, welding helmet/hard hat combinations are available for added physical protection from falling objects.