Noise Monitoring

Noise Measurement and Monitoring Equipment

Due to the nature of some industries noise will be a by-product of its daily activities, so to ensure the welfare of both staff and the community in which it operates, noise monitoring equipment is designed to ensure that the relevant regulations are being adhered to.

Therefore, noise measuring and monitoring equipment are there to protect both the environment in which it operates as well as all staff involved in their operations.


Model 14

Pulsar Instruments Plc

The Model 14 is the ideal solution for users needing a low cost, accurate instrument for those applications where a Sound Level Meter would be useful ...


Model 95

Pulsar Instruments Plc

The Model 95 (Class 1) and Model 96 (Class 2) have 1:1 & 1:3 Octave Band Filters making them a cost effective, yet fully compliant instrument for ...


Svan 954


Vibration Meter with FFT AnalyserThe SVAN 954 is digital vibration level meter along with analyser. Instrument is intended to general vibration measur...


Svan 979


New Sound and Vibration AnalyserSVAN 979 is the most advanced and powerful single channel instrument for general acoustic and vibration measurements e...


Svan 102


Type 1 Dual-channel Acoustic Dosimeter The dual-channel SV 102A is a unique Type 1 instrument. This dosimeter can be also used as a dual-channel Type ...