First Aid Supplies

First Aid Supplies

Organisations are legally required to have available adequate first aid supplies for their employees so that medical care can be provided immediately following an accident. Supplies consist of various dressings, bandages, gloves, scissors, tape among others depending on the size of the kit.

Evolution Plus Burns First Aid Kit image

Evolution Plus Burns First Aid Kit


Unique kits enable you to create your own wall-mounted first aid system British Standard Compliant first aid kits Each kit is supplied with a unique b...

Mezzo First Aid Dispensers image

Mezzo First Aid Dispensers


Advanced first aid dispenser Compliant with HSE regulations Kits are fully stocked for your convenience Innovative design combining strength and ease ...

Complete First Aid Points image

Complete First Aid Points


Deal with a wide range of workplace accidents and emergencies from first aid, through to burns, eyecare and biohazard disposal. Photoluminescent brack...

HART Ambulance Kit Bag

H.A.R.T Kit Bag

Speedings Ltd

AntiBacBag - Ambulance Bag "Ambulance H.A.R.T Kit Bag"A heavy duty Ambulance kit bag manufactured from infection control antibacterial PVC, wipe clean...

Paramedic Rapid Response Bag v1

Rapid Response Paramedic Bag

Speedings Ltd

AntiBacBag - Paramedic Bag "Rapid Response"The AntibacBag - Paramedic bag is designed to make best use of the bag storage space in the new standard am...

Paramedic Rapid Response Grab Bag v11

Rapid Response Grab Bag

Speedings Ltd

AntiBacBag - Paramedic Bag "Rapid Response Grab Bag"This is a much used and popular first response Paramedic Bag with emergency paramedics. The main s...

Oxygen Barrel Bag v1

Oxygen Cylinder Barrel Bag

Speedings Ltd

AntiBacBag - Oxygen Cylinder Barrel Bag This heavy duty padded cylinder bag, has 4 internal net pockets, elastic Airway loops and will accommodate a `...

Entonox Barrel Bag v1

Entonox Bag

Speedings Ltd

AntiBacBag - Entonox BagThis heavy duty padded cylinder bag, has 4 internal net pockets and will accommodate a `D` (UK standard) size cylinder. Manufa...