Substance Abuse Education

Substance Abuse Testing & Education

Workers must understand the dangers of drugs and alcohol intoxication at work for their own health and for those around them. Substance abuse education helps employees learn about reasons for drug and alcohol abuse, the way certain substances can affect the body, and how work standards and work relationships can be affected by addiction. Education may include specialist products used in training sessions, such as impairment goggles to show people the substantial difference between their usual abilities and whilst intoxicated. Technology has never been better when it comes to effecive training about these dangers and this is a very innovative area of occupational health & safety training.

Drunk Busters Alcohol and Drug Impairment Goggles

Drunk Busters Alcohol and Drug Impairment Goggles

Lifeloc Technologies

Utilizing vision distorting lenses, Drunk Buster goggles simulate the effects of alcohol, drugs and fatigue.  Lifeloc carries five different Breath A...