Hygiene Supplies

Hygiene is a fundamental part of workplace health, and hygiene supplies should be provided for workers to clean themselves when exposed to dirt and grime on the job. Employees are expected to keep up the hygiene standards set by their employer just as employers are expected to do everything they can to keep their facilities hygienic. Hand lotions and body wash products are examples of basic equipment that help maintain hygiene through regular use.

Deb Pure WASH image

Deb Pure WASH

DEB Group Ltd.

Perfum-free and dye-free lotion hand cleanser for regular use to remove general dirt and grime. This product may be used in Food Processing Establishm...

Deb Hair Body WASH image

Deb Hair & Body WASH

DEB Group Ltd.

All over hair & body lotion wash with an invigorating rainforest fresh fragrance. Suitable for use in male and female shower areas. Locations of u...